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Natalie's World Entertainment also provides exciting disco parties, designed to keep kids active, having fun and dancing to their favourite songs.


With our children's discos, we combine exercise in the form of dancing, with fun, face painting and other activities.

Ideal for boys and girls alike

Competitions, prizes and more

To make the children's disco even more enjoyable, Natalie brings you games, competitions and prizes. Offering popular party games with a twist, there's lots up for grabs and the kids are bound to have a fantastic time.


For a disco party for children two hours long, prices start from just £160.

Musical games at kids' disco parties

Children at disco-party

Birthday parties attended by young boys and girls alike can easily become fun kids' disco parties.


Natalie has a large collection of music that kids love, and offers a two hour party (or more if you wish) made up of face painting, transfer tattoos or makeovers, or balloon modelling and a range of musical games.

Halloween party